Disneyland Paris: Halloween Day 2

During the past few years I have been very fortunate to go on several trips to Disneyland Paris. Those who know me will know I am into all things Disney, and any excuse for a trip to Disneyland. In October 2017 I decided to do my first ever Halloween trip. I must admit, I’m not a huge Halloween lover, but after 5 days at Disneyland this has changed…

We woke up early in order to get ready for Extra Magic Hours (EMH) in the Disneyland Park. We stayed at the Kyriad hotel which is just a 10 minute shuttle bus ride from the parks and included a continental breakfast.

When we got to the park we spotted Donald Duck just arriving at his meet and greet spot on Main Street and headed straight over and managed to be some of the first people to meet him. He was lovely as always and was trying to convince us that he is number one and not Mickey.  We then headed to Fantasyland to the Princess Pavillion which we had never been inside before. However, we learnt that during EMH the queue wasn’t too bad and was the best time to try and meet a princess and it became an EMH tradition. On this particular morning the princess was Cinderella who was lovely.

Once the park opened properly we headed to meet Maleficent who was quite scary and awkward to meet in person, but fun still nonetheless and we got some good photos with her. We then headed to Frontierland to queue to meet Jack Skellington and it started to pour down with rain so we were rather wet in our photos. However, Jack was in great spirits and we had good fun chatting with him before heading to the shelter and warmth of the Hakuna Matata Restaurant in Adventureland for one of our Disney favourites, Hakuna fries.

After lunch, we decided to continue our character hunt and have a character hunting trip which was very easy to do as they seemed to be out in force. It made a nice change from being on all the rides and was very relaxed. Next on the list was Stitch at the top of Main Street USA. He had us laughing in the line as he was busy swinging on the rope and sitting in a child’s pushchair wanting to be pushed around. When it was our turn he stole my pen and enjoyed being the Beast when he spotted him on my ears. He even had a little pick of his nose during our photo session…


As we wandered down Main Street we found Marie so decided to queue to meet her. She was very charming and kept trying to get people to kiss her. In Adventureland we found Captain Hook roaming who liked my ears and we then found Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts in Fantasyland, and Daisy in Frontierland.

We had made a booking for Auberge de Cendrillon for tea so decided to hang around in Fantasyland before hand. Whilst we were there just enjoying the atmosphere we spotted Gaston and I couldn’t resist going back to meet him again, much to my boyfriends annoyance. Gaston wanted to keep me for himself and told my boyfriend to stand to the side so we could get photos just the two of us, and this is what happened when he got told to join in…

Once I had gotten over my meeting with Gaston we spotted the Queen from Snow White and decided to have a quick meet with her before heading to Auberge de Cendrillon. We were shown to our seats and we met Suzy and Perla, Cinderella’s mice, and it wasn’t long before the princesses arrived. Today it was Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel. They were all absolutely lovely and we chatted about our day and who our favourite princesses are. The food was really good too.

Before heading to the hotel we couldn’t resist a quick ride on Pirates of the Caribbean before hitting the shops on Main Street USA and in the Disney village before relaxing for another busy day.


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