Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls…

If you are following my blogs you will know that a few years back I carried out some volunteer work in Zimbabwe for 3 months. Whilst there I kept a diary of my thoughts and experiences and thought I would share this experience with you. Between finishing our volunteer work and our debrief presentations we a free weekend and decided to travel to Victoria Falls for a short trip.

We had all travelled down to Bulawayo for our debrief presentations and to get to Victoria Falls from there we had to travel by coach for 8 hours in 44 degree heat. It was either that or a 12 hour sleeper train. We were all melting on the coach where there were people sitting in the aisle and one woman had a chicken sat with her but we eventually arrived at the Victoria Falls Backpackers Hostel where we called home for the next few nights.

It was a lovely little place and we all stayed in a large attic room which looked like the bedroom out of Nanny McPhee. The highlight was being able to have hot showers which we hadn’t had access to for the past 10 weeks.


For tea that night we walked to the town  and went to an African restaurant where I ordered crocodile and mushroom pasta. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was delicious. Whilst we ate there was a group of African dancers singing and performing making it feel very African and magical. We managed to get photos with them once they had finished.


The following morning we walked to the entrance of Victoria Falls and paid the $10 fee to get in.  I couldn’t quite believe where I was and what I was about to see. In the distance I could clearly hear the rumble of the falls making me feel increasingly excited about seeing it with my own eyes.

Rounding a corner my eyes were filled with the sight of water gushing uncontrollably over the edge of a mound of rocks, the sound filling my ears. It was an unbelievable sight. It was so much bigger than I expected and as we followed the path along the falls there were different view points areas to stop at. The closer we got to the falls, the wetter we got with the spray from it and at some points we couldn’t even see to the bottom of the falls at all.

Despite it being Summer and the falls being relatively dried up, they were still breathtaking.  Instead of being one huge waterfall, it was split up into a couple of smaller waterfalls but it was still magnificent. I would love to go back and see it at full force during the wetter months but nothing will ever beat the first view of it. It was like entering a completely different world.



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