Zimbabwe: Rock Paintings & A Marriage Proposal…

If you are following my blogs you will know that a few years back I carried out some volunteer work in Zimbabwe for 3 months. Whilst there I kept a diary of my thoughts and experiences and thought I would share this experience with you. One weekend we went and stayed with 2 families in rural Zimbabwe to get a real taste of Zimbabwean life, following their ways and traditions as well as learning about the local area.

On our final day of cultural exchange we woke up early and got took on a walk to see some local rock paintings. As we made out way down paths we didn’t see anyone else until we reached the village of Chitora which has a handful of shops and schools. Continuing down the road we stopped at a small fence which we had to climb over into a hilly area full of trees and rocks. We climbed up the hill, the rocks getting larger and larger, until we reached where we needed to be.

In front of us was a large rock face which had several markings on it. They looked like people dancing in various positions. No one really knew why, when or who put them there but they were interesting in their own way.

Making out way down the hill we carried on walking through fields until we eventually made it to a large formation of rocks with a lovely view surrounding them. We were shown several different paintings on them of various different animals which could be representations of animals that the people had eaten or a representation of their totem.

Once we had finished looking at the paintings and had a quick rest we headed back towards Chitora. We stopped at the shops to buy some food and drink for our journey back to Mutare when we noticed a large campaign going on and decided to see what it was about.

We introduced ourselves to a man who was the chief of the the village. He explained to us what was going on and we chatted to some of the local people before getting ready to leave. However, the chief had taken a bit of a liking to me and got hold of my hand and told me that I had to stay as he wanted to marry me. Of course I apologetically declined his offer, much to the amuse of everyone else, and managed to escape to head back for home. I certainly didn’t expect that to happen.

Me and The Chief who wanted to marry me

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