Souter Lighthouse: National Trust Property #1

When I was younger my Mum and Dad were National Trust members and I remember visiting all these fascinating places and decided it was time to re-visit some of these places. Me and my boyfriend have joined the National Trust and the first stop of the year was Souter Lighthouse.

Souter Lighthouse on a rainy day

It had been years since I had been to this property, but driving along the road and seeing it in the distance made me bubble with excitement. It was the first day this year it had opened (most properties close during the winter months) and the English weather had made sure it was lovely and wet for us. We met my Mum and Dad in the car park who had brought my niece and nephew with them for the day.

We arrived early so went and had a bite to eat in the cafe where there was a choice of cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and scones before heading into the lighthouse itself. We were greeted by a man who told us that some things had been changed and hoped that we would like them.


After exploring the engine room we headed through to the keeper’s cottage which was just how I remembered it before heading up the spiral staircase of the lighthouse itself. There is a landing part way up where the spiral staircase ends and it is replaced with a steep staircase, almost like a ladder, which takes you right to the top. Me and my boyfriend took my niece up whilst the others waited on the landing.

The view was lovely and it wasn’t until that moment that I remembered one of the highlights. There is a camera outside the window which can be operated downstairs by the public and whilst we were at the top it spun round onto us. We all waved to it so that the people controlling it at the bottom of the lighthouse would be able to see us, and once we were finished at the top and climbed our way back down we went and controlled the camera where other people waved to us. Definitely worth a try if you ever visit!

Once we had walked back down the stairs we headed out of the lighthouse through the gift shop. We chatted to the lady who told us about walks along the cliffs we could come back to do on a brighter day and about the foghorn which we had heard being blown on previous visits.


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