A Visit To The Wizarding World…

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Watford, London is one of the most magical places ever. I have visited twice (a few years ago now though!) and loved it both times as there is always something new to see that you didn’t see last time.

Arriving at the Studios and going into the entrance area is amazing itself. Huge chess pieces are situated outside whilst props hang from the ceiling inside surrounded by photos of the different characters. Whilst waiting in the queue you see the cupboard under the stairs before being taken into a cinema room to watch a clip before the real magic begins!

The screen from the video disappears and reveals the doors to the Great Hall which you walk through into the hall which is one of the highlights. There is so much detail to take in you could literally be there all day. The guide tells you information about the Great Hall and the different houses before showing you the door to go through to continue on the rest of the tour. From this point on you are able to do the tour at your own pace.

Whilst walking through we saw the Hogwarts gates, costumes from a range of characters such as Lupin, Snape, formal attire from the Yule Ball, props from the Leaky Cauldron, the Mirror or Erised and the set of the Gryffindor Common Room. Everywhere you turn there is something to look at.

Going round a corner we found ourselves in Dumbledore’s office and the Potions classroom before arriving at Hagrid’s Hut and The Burrow where the Weasley family live. We found Sirius Black’s bike, Hogwarts staircases, Quidditch posts and ended up at the Ministry of Magic. During my first visit we also ended up in Umbridge’s delightful pink office, but this had been changed in my second visit to the Dark Arts display with Nagini and all the Death Eater costumes.

At this point in the tour we were able to go and fly a broomstick and take a ride in the Flying Ford Anglia for our photos before carrying on with the tour. We turned the corner and ended up on Platform 9 3/4 with the Hogwarts Express which wasn’t there during our first visit and was the new addition. You are able to walk down the train before arriving at loads of glass cabinets filled with copies of the Daily Prophet, galleons, books, the Marauders Map and lots of other props before being led outside.

This is where you will find the Knight Bus, Privet Drive, Potter’s House in Godric Hollow and Butterbeer! I personally didn’t like it but lots of other people did and when in the wizarding world, why not!

The next part of the tour is all about make up and animatronics where you’ll find lots of masks, the monster book of monsters, Fawkes the Phoenix, mandrakes, Aragog and of course, Dobby. Some of them moved if you pressed a button making it interactive and videos were playing on how people were transformed into their characters such as goblins.

Up next is Diagon Alley which is breathtaking. It is lots of fun peering through the shop windows and seeing what there is before ending up at the huge model of Hogwarts School. Even though I had already seen it once, on my second visit I forgot how big it was until I walked in and it still surprised me. So much detail has gone into it. It really is a great ending to the tour.

The final room before the gift shop is full of wand boxes on shelves and contain the names of all the people involved in creating the films. We had great fun seeing who we could find.

If you are a huge Harry Potter fan or even a slight Harry Potter fan this place is really worth a visit.


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