Edinburgh: My First Trip Of Many

Despite having quite a lot of family living in Scotland on my Dad’s side I had never really been to Scotland before. My Dad claims I went when I was younger but I don’t remember it, but that changed on a cold, wet January day back in 2015.

We decided to go on a day trip by train from Darlington up to Edinburgh so we got an early train there and a late train back so we could make the most of our time. As soon as I stepped out of the train station onto Prince’s street I knew I had found one of my new favourite places. Edinburgh literally has something for everyone and it is so beautiful.

Our day started at the Edinburgh Dungeons which was great fun. It told us a lot about the history of both Edinburgh and Scotland and was very interactive. However, we weren’t quite prepared for the drop ride at the end as you can tell by our faces!

We then had a stroll around the old town up to the castle and down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Palace at the bottom with views onto Arthur’s seat. Whilst in the old town we decided to go and search for the statue and grave of Greyfriar’s Bobby which was managed to find after getting a bit lost.

After some shopping in both the old town and new town we ended our day at The Real Mary King’s Close which was amazing. Something I would love to do again. It is an underground tour of the streets below Edinburgh’s Old Town that used to be there. The people who work there are dressed up as different characters and tell their story during the tour about how the plague struck the people living there and what it was like to live in the close back in the 17th century when it was open to the skies.

As  mentioned in the title this is my first trip of many to Edinburgh so I will be uploading blogs about my other trips to Edinburgh as each one is very different and we are yet to do the same thing twice in this amazing city!



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