Disneyland Paris: Top 5 Rides

During the past few years I have been very fortunate to go on several trips to Disneyland Paris. Those who know me will know I am into all things Disney, and any excuse for a trip to Disneyland, I’m there.

On my trips I have met been on many of the rides that are there, both in the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park, so I am going to share my top 5 rides with you all. Feel free to share yours in the comments!

1. Big Thunder Mountain

My favourite ride in the Disneyland Park and can be found in Frontierland. It was the first ride I ever went on and also my first ever ‘rollercoaster’ so it holds a lot of memories for me. I always make sure to get a fast pass for this ride on my trips as it does get very busy very quickly. It is a photo pass ride meaning that you can get an on ride photo which are usually pretty funny. I love the theming of the ride and it gives some great views over the park during the day and is a completely different ride on an evening when it is dark. It also has track that goes under the lake to the island in the centre where the majority of the ride is. It is certainly one of the wildest rides in the wilderness!

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Also in the main Disneyland Park and can be found in Adventureland. As you can probably guess by the title it is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean films and has just undergone a refurbishment to include more aspects from the films. The ride involves getting on board a boat and sailing through the Caribbean with a few sudden drops here and there. Like Big Thunder Mountain it is also a photo pass ride meaning you can get an on ride photo. I also enjoy the cast members at this ride in their pirate dress attire, it really does add to the theming!


3. Ratatouille

Over to the Walt Disney Studios for this ride and it is the first of its kind. Basically you sit aboard a mouse-shaped car which steers itself around the route making you feel like you’re the size of a mouse. It is a 3D ride (you collect your glasses in the queue) and it really is amazing. Things pop out, different temperatures to match the setting such as being cold in the freezer, hot when near the oven etc. It certainly is a must do. This ride also uses the fast pass system and has a single rider queue which usually has the shortest wait out of the different queues. However, there is a high possibility of being split up if your group ride this way but it will usually be the quickest.


4. Peter Pan’s Flight

Back to the Disneyland Park to Fantasyland for this ride. Hop aboard a ship and soar over the streets of London to Neverland. Again, this ride is very popular and has a fast pass system which should be used. It is also a good ride to aim for during Extra Magic Hours before it gets busy. This ride is just so magical and perfect for children.

5. Crush’s Coaster

Situated in the Walt Disney Studios it appears to be a gentle rollercoaster from the outside when you see a snapshot of 4 riders sitting back to back on a spinning turtle shell. However, it is more thrilling than it seems. You basically whizz through the darkness on a twisty, windy track whilst your turtle shell spins meaning you go down the drips forwards, backwards, sideways…the first time I rode I had no idea what had just happened when I got off. But it was such a brilliant ride and I instantly wanted to ride it again. There is however a downside to this ride. The queue. It always seems to be long, even the single rider line only ends up being 5/10 minutes shorter with the main queue being at least an hour most times I’ve seen it. Despite this there is a free game with Crush in you can play in the queue if you connect to the dedicated wifi set up for it which helps pass the time!



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