Isle of Arran: King’s Cave

Whilst on the Isle of Arran last month we decided to pay a visit to the King’s Cave near Blackwaterfoot. It is easily accessible from the main road and has its own parking area with a map and information about the route.


The route starts with a gentle uphill walk on the edge of the woodland with views over Machrie which are stunning. The path rounds a corner before dipping down through a gully which can be a bit tricky underfoot. This leads onto the beach where you can either walk along the beach or the rocks depending upon conditions.


There are a few small caves and arches before you come to King’s Cave. It can’t be missed due to the large metal gate at the entrance. It is pretty big large inside (not really what I was expecting) but it was a lovely surprise.

Once the cave exploration was complete we followed the path and headed up the cliff face, keeping left at the fork. This was the trickiest part as the path got pretty narrow and rather steep in places but the views over the Blackwaterfoot coastline was stunning. It made the walk worth it.


The route ends with a leisurely stroll through the woodland back to the car park. Definitely worth a visit whilst on the island and can be completed in a couple of hours.


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