White Scar Cave: An Underground Adventure

One rainy weekend we decided to go for a drive in the Yorkshire Dales to White Scar Cave, between Hawes and Ingleton. We had previously read about it in a brochure and thought it looked good so decided to give it a try on a typical wet British day.

It is situated just off the main road with its own car park, small café and gift shop. We joined the queue to go on the next cave tour and before we knew it we were getting fitted with our helmets and led through the gates into the longest show cave in Britain.

Once inside we stopped and were given some history of the cave, about how it was found, who by and what the founder had to go through before continuing on our way. The guide was very informative and his sense of humour definitely added to the experience.

The tour of the cave was amazing. We walked on both the cave floor and on metal walkways above the streams running through as it is still an active cave meaning the water can rise up to some depths. Our guide showed us a video of the cave when it flooded one summer and the full cave filled with water and ran out of the entrance onto the road outside, it seemed so strange to think it was possible considering the cave was quite dry on our tour (the guide also told us it was quite unusual for it to be this dry inside).

We saw lots of stalagmites and stalagtites, waterfalls inside the cave, odd shaped rocks with trivial names and markings on the cave walls. Some parts did require us to stoop quite low to pass under low hanging rocks but it all added to the experience as well as a few tight squeezes between rocks.

The end of the tour found us walking through a man made tunnel in the cave to a huge chamber. Again, lots of history about how the chamber was found and how it was the largest chamber of its time when it was first discovered. It was breath-taking in the chamber and was a great ending to the tour.



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