Zimbabwe: A warm welcome to the Education & Rehabilitation Centre

During my time volunteering in Zimbabwe I worked at the Education and Rehabilitation Centre in Sakubva, Mutare for a charity called Simukai, meaning rise up in the local Shona language. Whilst volunteering I kept a diary of my days and thought I would share a little insight into my first day working at the centre with the Preschool children…

Walking into the Education and Rehabilitation Centre I could already hear the excited, energetic voices coming from the classroom in the distance. As I walked along the sandy pathway I could instantly feel my energy rising at the prospect of teaching these children and to see their big smiles again.

Heading to the classroom

Opening the door to the classroom I was greeted by a swarm of wide grinning smiles, big loving eyes eager to get on with the day. My hands were lost as each child tried desperately to get hold of them as I tried to battle my way through the door, smiling all the while.

Once inside, I am greeted by a mass of colours; red, yellow, blue, green. Pictures of animals, transport, colours and people cover the walls as if there had been an explosion in a paint factory. The room is alive and buzzing as the children take their seats, looking eagerly at the front of the class at me, waiting to find out what we are going to be doing.

Outside the hot morning sun beats down on us as we gather in a large circle, children battling amongst themselves to be the one to hold my hand. The air is filled with the sound of singing as the children sing songs, dust flying into the air as we run round, laughter filling my ears.

Playing games outside

As the session comes to a close hands are frantically waving in the air alongside shouts of ‘bye Auntie Sophia’ before I close the door behind me, the peace and quiet being restored until next time.


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