Monkeying around at South Lakes Safari Zoo

Some of you may recognise the name of this zoo as it has had a lot of bad press recently(which I’m not going into detail about), but after visiting here today on a lovely wet and dull British summer’s day, I feel I need to share what a great day we had. I have visited this zoo annually for the past few years and have enjoyed every trip, but today’s trip was amazing.

We arrived just after 10.30am as we got a bit lost. We knew the zoo had built a new entrance as it was still getting finished last time we visited. However, the sat-nav didn’t know this and took us to the old entrance but luckily it didn’t take long to find the correct way. Make sure to follow the elephant tourist sign posts if in doubt. At the moment the zoo have free entry for all so it made a great, cheap day out for us so we were able to walk straight in and get started animal spotting.

As we walked round the first corner a group of giraffes were waiting with two baby calves – they were so cute. There were so many different animals. Some of our favourites include the tigers (only ever seen one in previous visits but saw 3 today!), the penguins, the lions and the primates.

What I love so much about this zoo is the area where there are free roaming animals such as lemurs, emus, kangaroos, wallaby’s and spider monkeys. The lemurs and monkeys can be seen climbing in the trees and swinging on the ropes and are definitely a highlight.

I can’t wait to see what the new company who took over the zoo earlier this year have in store as they have made many positive changes already. I shall definitely return, I just hope with time and good word of mouth this amazing place will get it’s reputation back.

Due to the weather being so poor I didn’t take any photos this time, but here are a few of my favourites from previous trips.


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