Oh I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside…

There is something I love about walking along the sand barefooted, feeling the waves brush against my legs whilst the sun beats down on me. It is one of the best feelings and a feeling I have felt the past few weekends during several trips to the seaside. Luckily, I have access to lots of lovely beaches not too far away from where I live and the most recent visits have been to Redcar, Whitby and Scarborough.

Redcar. It isn’t the first seaside town I would chose to visit but it is the closest and easy to get to which is just what we needed for a little afternoon trip to the coast. It has the usual amusements and ice cream but the it is the first place I have been to with a vertical pier, meaning it goes up and not out into the sea. I’ve personally never been up it but it would be something I would like to do one day.

Whitby, on the other hand, is one of my favourite seaside towns. I have been going for as long as I can remember and have great memories here with my parents climbing up the 199 steps to the abbey, to doing the Dracula Experience on a school trip, to taking a boat ride out to sea with friends. This place is full of memories. I love the drive here and enjoy parking at the top of West Cliff and walking under the whale bone arch down into the harbour. I can’t walk into Whitby any other way. Highlights in Whitby include The Endeavour boat trip, climbing the 199 steps to the Abbey, having a stroll along the pier and watching the Whitby Lucky Ducks being made.

In terms of seaside towns Scarborough is pretty new to me, but I can tell it is going to create lots of memories in years to come. As a child I never really visited Scarborough. The only trip I really remember was when it was a rainy day and we decided to go to the Sealife Centre, but the queue was huge when we arrived and we ended up going to the Scalby Mills pub for lunch then going home instead. It wasn’t until I went in August last year for a few nights that I got to know Scarborough and fall in love with it as I have been back for day trips and long weekends since. Highlights in Scarborough include the Sealife Centre (the seals, otters and penguins are so cute!), the North Bay miniature railway which runs from Scalby Mills to Peasholm Park, pedalling a dragon boat around the lake in Peasholm Park and playing a game of mini golf.



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